Frequently Asked Questions

"Étau" is a French word for "vise", one of the most iconic tools in the craftsmanship professions, especially for wood- and metalworkers. The vise was invented in the late Middle Ages and is still a staple in many artisan workshops.

"Doré" means "golden" in French, a symbol of quality, purity and beauty. The name ÉTAUDORÉ combines these two words to symbolize our respect and admiration for the artisans, their work and products that we choose for our platform.

ÉTAUDORÉ is a family business based in Thalwil, Switzerland, founded by a couple of a mixed Swiss and Polish origin

Currently, all our artisans are based in Poland. As one of the ÉTAUDORÉ founders - Anna - originally comes from Poland, we have a unique access to and understanding of this market. In the future, however, we are planning to include artisans from all over Europe on the ÉTAUDORÉ platform.

Not yet - however, in the future, we are planning to display our pieces in showrooms and pop-ups in Switzerland

If you are an artisan making high quality products that would fit with the aestetic and values of ÉTAUDORÉ, we would be happy to hear from you - please reach out to us at info@etaudore.com