About Us

We are ÉTAUDORÉ, a Swiss-based online boutique for modern artisan pieces, hand made to highest standards of craftsmanship in independent workshops in Europe.


When we furnish and decorate our own homes, we pay great attention to detail and love to purchase pieces with a story, made with unique skill, dedication and care, rather than mass-produced anonymous products. It is our passion to search local artisans across Europe, get to know them and feature their pieces in our home. We wanted to share this passion with others, and this is how ÉTAUDORÉ came to life.


Above all, we care about supreme quality. We carefully select each product that makes its way to the ÉTAUDORÉ boutique. We meet the artisans in person, get to know their story, see and touch their products before listing them here. This way we can ensure supreme quality and durability of products for our customers in Switzerland.


We have an eye for unique design that will satisfy sophisticated tastes. Most of the products are made to order, making each piece extraordinary.


We are proud to support and help preserve the craftsmanship professions. We care about sustainable sourcing of materials as well as local and fair production practices. Before choosing artisans for our platform, we carefully consider their production process.

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